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VaxYes is a free digital vaccine passport that lets people scan their vaccination card to prove they’re fully vaccinated. It uses artificial intelligence and state records to verify your information.

It’s also the only option that doesn’t require you to upload a photo of your CDC or government ID. That’s a plus.

What is VaxYes?

VaxYes is a free, mobile platform that converts your paper vaccine card into a digital vaccination certificate. It’s a convenient way to save your proof of vaccination for travelling, attending live events and more, without stressing about misplacing your card.

App Simple Process

The app has a simple process that allows you to get your proof of vaccination ready for any event in no time. Simply upload your paper vaccination card or ID to the VaxYes site, submit a photo and you’ll receive your digital vaccine certificate.

Digital Version

You’ll be able to use the digital version of your vaccination certificate at any venue that requires proof of vaccination and you can even carry it in your wallet so you never have to worry about forgetting it or losing it. This is especially useful if you’re travelling abroad since a digital vaccination certificate can be easily scanned at customs and airport security checkpoints worldwide.

 Different Options

There are a few different options that let you do this. One option, called Airside Digital Identity, creates a QR code with your vaccination information that you can upload to their app. Another service, Clear, generates a digital health pass that you can display with your vaccination record or ID at places where you need to show proof of vaccination.

Both Services Free

Both services are free, and both are easy to use. But Airside is less secure than Clear, which uses AI and trained medical professionals to verify that you’re the right person with the correct vaccination information.

For Example,

  1. if you’re going to New York City for the first time and need to show proof of your vaccination, you can use a smart wallet app like CommonPass. Once you have a copy of your vaccination record from Carbon Health, CVS, Walgreens or Walmart, you can upload it to the app and create a virtual health pass that’s available in your phone.
  1. In addition to making it easy to verify your vaccination status and avoid the stress of carrying a paper record, the app also helps you stay safe by allowing you to keep your information private. You can even make the digital vaccine pass offline so you can access it when there’s no internet connection. You can also add it to your smartphone home screen so you can access it quickly.

How do I get a VaxYes Passport?

If you have received a COVID-19 vaccine, you may be looking for a way to quickly and easily show proof of vaccination to anyone who might ask for it. With places like sports arenas and airports increasingly requiring such proof, there are now numerous apps that can help you keep your vaccination information handy at all times.

For Example

  1. Clear, which existed pre-pandemic as a way to bypass identity screening lines at airports has created a health passport app called the Clear Health Pass to allow users to upload and verify a photo ID and their CDC-issued vaccination card. The free app uses a smartphone camera to allow users to upload documents, including a selfie and the vaccine card, and then answer a few questions about their health history.


  1. You can also scan your vaccine card with a digital scanner, but it’s much easier to simply snap a photo of your vax card with the camera icon on the phone’s home screen. To do so, open the Notes app on your iPhone and create a new note; then hit the camera icon and choose “Scan Document.”
  2. Once the vax card has been scanned with a digital scanner, you can save it to an app such as Apple Wallet or download it directly to your mobile device. Alternatively, you can share the link to your vax card with anyone who might need it.
  3. If you are attending the convention in person, be sure to bring your vax card and government-issued photo ID with you. Registration staff will check your status level 2 and verify the validity of your vax card. If your vax card is not verified, a photo of your government-issued ID is required. Be sure to take a clear and in-focus photo that includes all of the required details for verification.

How do I scan my vax card?

VaxYes Right now, there’s no single official way to scan your vax card on your phone. There are a few methods, including snapping a photo or scanning the front and back with your iPhone’s built-in Notes app.

SMART Health Card

While digital vaccine cards are convenient, they’re not without risks. Those risks include hackers who may be able to tamper with the data. And the QR codes themselves might not be a secure enough identifier to prevent fraud.

  1. In the Wall Street Journal, Nicole Nguyen, a former CDC employee and researcher at the University of California Los Angeles, suggests scanning your vax card with the camera on an iPhone to make it easier to verify your vaccine status. Alternatively, you can also use a scanning device that connects to your computer.
  2. Regardless of which method you use, remember to keep the QR code on your phone’s home screen so you can quickly and easily scan it when needed. That way, you can still verify your COVID-19 vaccination status when it’s time to re-enter public spaces. If you want to be extra sure, you can always print out a copy of your vaccination record. It’s also a good idea to ask your doctor’s office for a photo ID to present in case you lose or misplace your original card.
How do I verify my vax card?

It’s a small, wallet-sized piece of paper that shows which vaccine you got, when you got it and where. It’s important to keep your vaccination card safe because it could be required for travel or to get into an event.

The CDC Recommends

The CDC recommends taking a picture of your vaccine card after each appointment so you can keep a backup in case yours gets lost or damaged. You can also take a copy of your card to your next vaccine appointment and have your provider fill in the information.

  • If you lose or damage your original vaccination card, you can replace it with a new one by going to the pharmacy location where you got your initial shots. Both CVS and Walgreens have staff at their locations that can help you get a replacement.
  • Vaccine cards are a common target for fraud because they’re easy to counterfeit. But the real risk comes from faking the information on the card. That’s a serious offence that can carry serious penalties, including up to five years in prison, according to the FBI.
  • That’s because every time you get a vaccine, the centre where you received it reports it to a state database. This makes it easy for anyone to cross-reference your vaccination card and find out if you’ve ever had a tainted shot.
  • Fake vaccine cards aren’t a new problem, and it’s one that’s only increasing. As more businesses are requiring employees to show proof they’ve been vaccinated, scammers have found ways to sell fake certificates and vaccine passports to unsuspecting people. The result is a growing cottage industry that makes it possible for a person to buy a bogus document at a very low price, even without a job.


The VaxYes service, offered by GoGetVax, enables users to convert their COVID-19 vaccine card into a secure digital vaccination certificate. This can be used for travel, live events or anywhere a vaccination certificate is required.

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