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There are several different types of mansions. There are McMansions, Colonial-style mansions and Mini-mansions. These are all very beautiful and very large. However, they are not for everyone. They are very expensive and they are very difficult to maintain.

Colonial-style mansions

Colonial-style mansions are often seen in areas like Virginia, Georgia and Louisiana. They are grand structures designed by architects and are a very popular type of home. Generally, these homes have very large square footage and are made with either brick, wood or stone.

Colonial-Style Homes

They are usually two stories and have a central front entrance. Most of the rooms in the house are placed on the upper level. This provides more privacy and space for family members. The ground floor typically features the kitchen, dining room and living room. There are often additional bedrooms and bathrooms on the upper levels. Some colonial-style homes even have ballrooms or other entertainment spaces.


Traditionally, Colonial-style mansions were built out of stone or brick, with wood added for the exterior. These homes are very sturdy and are known for their classic good looks. During the Colonial Era, the United States was a new continent and these buildings were built to reflect the wealth of land in the area.

  1. Colonial-style homes have a symmetrical facade with a central front door, windows on the front and sides, and a staircase that leads from the front to the middle of the second story. Many of these houses also have a fireplace in the centre of the house. One or two smaller fireplaces may be present as well.
  1. Colonial-style homes are constructed with thick walls and a pitched roof. This is to protect the interiors from extreme heat in the summer and from heavy snow in the winter. It also prevents damage from wind-prone areas. The pitched roof is accompanied by a central chimney, which helps shed excess heat.
  1. Most colonial-style homes have doors that are uniformly sized, which is a feature that is unique to the colonial style. A single window that is directly over the front door is typical, and there is a common stairway that leads from the front to the middle of either the first or second story.
  1. In some instances, a Colonial-style home will have a small balcony along the roof line. Another common feature is a bay window, which is located near the centre of the front of the house. Depending on the design, a colonial-style home will have a fireplace in the centre of the front or on one of the two side walls.
  1. The upper levels of a Colonial home will contain private bathrooms, primary suites, and walk-in closets. While the basic framework of Colonial homes has remained a popular influence in residential architecture for more than 200 years, the designs and styles vary widely. Modern Colonial homes are more influenced by European and Victorian design. Although they were originally designed for functional family needs, they now also have elegant and formal designs that appeal to affluent individuals.

Although they are not as trendy as in other parts of the world, Colonial-style mansions still have a place in the American housing market. Whether you are buying a mansion to live in, or to entertain guests, they are a beautiful choice.


Mini Mansions is a Los Angeles-based indie rock band with a flair for the absurd. Their style is a fusion of baroque, cinematic, and gothic. A good example is their third album, “Guy Walks into a Bar”. It is a sophisticated album that is both technical and fun. They have toured with Arctic Monkeys and supported Muse on various stadium dates of their Simulation Theory World Tour.

While they are not on tour right now, they did have a show to their credit in November at The Lexington in London. The concert was sold out and the band took the stage with Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner. Earlier in October, the band had joined forces with Mini Mansions to perform a song onstage. At the time, the group had no plans to release a full-length album. Fortunately, this has since changed.

 Best Aspects of Pop and Rock

As the title of their upcoming third album suggests, the album does a good job of combining the best aspects of pop and rock. For instance, the album is full of melodies that harken back to jazz and heavy metal. One of the most interesting tracks on the album, a song called “Girlfriends”, is a heartfelt tribute to the women in our lives. Another track, “Tiny Man,” has an uplifting message about not giving up when life gets tough.

Pop and Rock Approach

In addition to their pop-rock approach, Mini Mansions also dabble in other forms of music. The group has been known to play a number of soundtracks, including the movie “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”. The band has also appeared in the film ‘The Great Pretenders’, starring The Kills’ Alison Mosshart and a certain Mr T. However, their most impressive feat may be their ability to create music in real time. This was the first album the band released, on the newly established Electromagnetic Recordings label.

Plenty of Technical Prowess

While the album does not stand out on its own, it does have one or two other nifty features. The band uses a cocktail drum kit, a touch of the futuristic in the form of a video game console, and plenty of technical prowess. All in all, Mini Mansions is an interesting and fun band with a lot to offer. If you are into indie rock, you will definitely want to check them out. You can find out more about their upcoming shows by visiting their website.

 Mini Mansions

There are other bands with a similar style to Mini Mansions, such as Fountains of Wayne and Elliott Smith. Mini Mansions are also unique in their style because they combine visual and technical proficiency. When they perform their signature ‘Guy Walks into a Bar’ dance, they bring it to the floor with flair. Even better, they have a sense of humour. The band even admitted that the UK holds a special place in their hearts.


McMansions are a term for large homes in the United States. They are usually between 3,000 and 5,000 square feet. During the ’80s and ’90s, McMansions were popular in newer suburbs. But in 2007, the housing crisis began, and by 2008, the McMansion had become the symbol of excess and ostentation in America. And as a result, it contributed to the subprime mortgage crisis.

While they may not be a bad choice in certain circumstances, they are generally considered a waste of space. In fact, according to Bloomberg, the premiums paid for McMansions have plummeted in 85 of the 100 largest cities in the country. Not to mention that most of them are poorly constructed and energy inefficient.

Regenerative Architecture

McMansions are the antithesis of regenerative architecture. Their construction uses toxic materials in greater quantities than typical homes. That isn’t a very good look, especially in a world where we’re facing a climate emergency. Even worse, they promote excessive energy use.

The term “McMansion”

The term “McMansion” was first used in the 1980s to describe a large home that failed to adhere to long-standing architectural design principles. These houses were often erected with shoddy building techniques, cheap materials, and mixed architectural styles. Often, they had bizarre blends of materials, including gabled roofs, high ceilings, and asymmetrical layouts.

Individual Homeowner

McMansions are usually built by a developer without an architect’s involvement. This is because they were built as a marketing tool. The goal was to impress people with the size and status of the house. Many were also built in order to accommodate the needs of each individual homeowner.

Common Features of a McMansion

Some of the common features of a McMansion include high ceilings, a grand foyer, a palatial master bedroom, a large living room, and a massive kitchen with a centre island. Additionally, most have a two-story front door, a spacious walk-in closet, and at least one garage with oversized doors.

Another feature of a McMansion

Another feature of a McMansion is its nubbed roof, which is an unnecessarily tall, odd shape. The roof is a good way to create a dramatic impression, but it also distorts the house. Also, many McMansions have a setback in the form of a humongous bathroom.

Stricter Lending Guidelines

Traditionally, only upper-middle-class Americans could afford to purchase a McMansion. But with lower energy costs and stricter lending guidelines, millennials are now entering the housing market. When they finally do, they will likely pay a lot more for their first home than baby boomers did.

“Smart” Home of the Century

Despite being the “smart” home of the century, the McMansion is an outdated and impractical real estate investment. It is expensive, inefficient, and has poor resale value. Moreover, they tend to be situated in rural areas. So, if you want to get the most out of your dollar, it might be best to look elsewhere.

For example, if you’re looking for a palatial residence in the heart of the city, you might be better off choosing a condo instead. Or, if you’re interested in the suburbs, you’ll want to go with a shingled cottage, as opposed to a McMansion.

The mansion Conclusion

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