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housinganywhere 24m series

HousingAnywhere 24M Series is a company that offers a service that helps property managers manage rentals. It has an online platform that is geared towards helping these property managers take care of the workloads that come with the rental process. Now, it has expanded its focus to 17 cities across Europe.

Acquires Dutch digital classifieds website in HousingAnywhere Secures 24M Series

HousingAnywhere 24M Series Among the many IPOs and acquisitions that have made news in the past year, HousingAnywhere’s acquisition of the Dutch digital classifieds website Kamernet has earned its place in the company’s pantheon of successful acquisitions. The largest purchase to date, Kamernet will operate within the current platform. It will remain operational until May, after which time it will be absorbed into HousingAnywhere. In the next twelve months, HousingAnywhere is targeting eight million users, a slew of new cities and a slew of new features.

  1. European rental market

As the European rental market goes through the motions, HousingAnywhere is using its capital to continue to drive its business forward in 32 cities across Europe and the United States. Meanwhile, the company has rolled out its most recent product, an advanced property management platform. This includes new features like tenant screening and loan approval capabilities.

  1. Year Financial results

The company also announced its first quarter of the year financial results. The best news is that the company has raised a healthy amount of funding, with the most recent round led by Evgeny Investments. During the same period, HousingAnyone acquired the likes of StanzaZoo, an Italian online classifieds site and Studenten-WG, a German housing advertising site. With its impressive lineup of talent, it’s not hard to see why this European tech juggernaut has its eye on the prize. Hopefully, this will only be the beginning of the company’s next wave of success. Moreover, it’s a company that wants to be a catalyst for the market’s post-pandemic future. After all, a little innovation is usually a good thing. Using their accumulated capital, HousingAnyone plans to expand into 17 more cities in the foreseeable future. If the latest financial numbers are any indicator, they’re going to be busy.

Expands to 17 more Focus Cities in Europe

HousingAnywhere 24M Series, the bifoboid company has garnered a cult following on the back of its innovative suite of real estate services. The company boasts over 60,000 properties and 140 employees across Europe. With a valuation of a few billion dollars, the company isn’t one to sneeze at. A slew of acquisitions over the past several years have cemented the company’s position as a leading player in the online rental market. Whether you’re looking for a one-bedroom in Paris or a four-bedroom mansion in London, HousingAnywhere can get you there. Plus, it’s a one-stop shop for finding the best deals on your next apartment. And with a growing network of over 200 providers, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your budget.

  • Debt Round Financing

In addition to its existing offerings, the company has recently tapped into some of the capital markets. A round of debt financing was a big deal in July, and the company has also been acquiring smaller players to bolster its arsenal. To name a few, the company has snapped up Iceland’s Rentmate and Italian property management startup StanzaZoo.

HousingAnywhere 24M Series According to its chief executive Niels Van Deuren, the company has plans to acquire more than 50 more properties over the coming months. Indeed, the organization is making the most of its current situation and plans to grow its roster of services to include more than 5,000 homes and apartments, 5,000 hotel rooms and suites and 1,000 vacation rentals in the near future.

Turns its online rental marketplace into a platform for property managers

HousingAnywhere, a Dutch-based real estate company has announced that it has secured EUR24 million in a Series C round. The investment will help the company expand its service offerings in Europe.

  1. HousingAnywhere offers

HousingAnywhere offers an online booking platform for tenants and landlords. Its clients include private real estate owners and large-scale property managers. The company is currently operating in 32 key European cities. Among its services are online payment systems, which automate the calculation of payment amounts. In addition, the company offers a guaranteed first month’s rent.

  1. The company’s mission

According to HousingAnywhere CEO Niels Van Deuren, the company’s mission is to become the largest end-to-end rental accommodation marketplace in Europe by 2021. To achieve this goal, the company is targeting young professionals and international students.

  1. Company’s largest acquisition

In addition to acquiring Kamernet, HousingAnywhere also acquired the Italian classifieds website StanzaZoo. This is the company’s largest acquisition to date. With these two additions, it has approximately 60,000 properties available for rent. Moreover, HousingAnywhere plans to extend its service offerings to 17 more focus cities in Europe.

  1. Rentmate in Iceland

After the funding was finalized, the company moved forward with the acquisition of Studenten-WG in Germany, and Rentmate in Iceland. It will then move into Spain with local sales teams.

  1. RealPage  software company

HousingAnywhere 24M Series RealPage, a pricing software company, has a lot of influence in the multifamily market. A significant number of the country’s leading property managers use the software. They use the system’s algorithm to analyze data provided by clients. These algorithms analyze the price elasticity of apartments and other factors, such as how much of the apartment market is occupied.

  1. Artificially inflates competition

Some opponents argue that the company’s software artificially inflates competition. However, supporters argue that it is not the cause of the nation’s affordable housing crisis.

Takes on many of the workloads pre-built into the rental process

HousingAnywhere is a rental accommodation marketplace that offers renters the opportunity to find and book a rental property in 32 key European cities. The company currently works with over 60,000 properties and has more than a million visitors a month. They also provide a range of services, from assisting tenants to find and apply for loans to offering a slick interface to help house managers manage their property portfolio.

  • The housing market

The housing market has been a wild ride in Europe in the last year. Prices are rising, and energy costs are pushing up the cost of living. But HousingAnywhere’s analysis of the market suggests that further price pressures are on the way. In fact, the company is targeting a big growth year.

  • Online Rental Marketplace

They are aiming to become the largest end-to-end online rental marketplace in Europe by 2021. To do this, the company has acquired a number of businesses to expand its footprint, including the Netherlands’ Kamernet, Iceland’s Rentmate and the Italian service StanzaZoo. As the company continues its expansion, it will be making use of a large API to connect its various tools.

  • Most recent acquisitions

One of their most recent acquisitions, a Dutch classifieds website called Kamernet, was the company’s biggest to date. A new investment, Evgeny Investments, joined as an investor in January 2020. With the new capital, the company plans to use the funding to complete the acquisition and expand to 17 more Focus Cities in Europe. 

  • The Company’s own Series C round of financing

Of course, it is not surprising that HousingAnywhere has tapped into the financial community to secure the funds needed to make this happen. This includes the company’s own Series C round of financing, which was led by Real Web and hence Capital, and featured contributions from VNV Global, Evgeny and others.

Becomes Europe’s largest end-to-end online rental marketplace

HousingAnywhere is a rental accommodation marketplace with over 60,000 properties available for rent. Its service is available in 32 cities across Europe. The company aims to become the largest end-to-end online rental marketplace by 2021.

  • HousingAnywhere’s target market

HousingAnywhere’s target market includes young professionals and international students. These tenants often rent accommodation for 3 to 12 months. Currently, HousingAnywhere has 10 million unique visitors per year. They work with house managers and private real estate owners. In addition to matching renters with accommodations, HousingAnywhere also provides them with tools to help them qualify for loans.

  1. HousingAnywhere will use its EUR24 million in funding to expand its services to 17 Focus Cities in Europe. It will also use the funds to acquire Kamernet, a classifieds website in the Netherlands, Italy and Iceland. This is the largest acquisition that the company has made to date.
  2. HousingAnywhere has a total of 140 employees in Europe. As the market leader in online rentals, it plans to grow and strengthen its position in the Dutch market. With its focus on 32 key cities in Europe, the company is on its way to becoming a global player. Founder Niels Van Deuren said in a statement that the company will use the funds to continue building an advanced property management platform.
  3. Its API will connect with other applications and tools. To make the service more accessible to users, HousingAnywhere is aiming to expand its endpoints and increase the number of feeds. Finally, HousingAnywhere wants to make it easier to connect tenants and property managers. Currently, the company works with house managers to consolidate tenant information for simplicity.

The company will also continue to develop its technology platform, and it will launch a self-service developer portal.


The European rental housing market has been on a rollercoaster ride in the past year. One of the most interesting trends to watch is the growth of online classified portals like Airbnb and Roomster. As such, companies like HousingAnywhere and Rentmate have been forced to take the necessary steps to remain competitive.

These include the more mundane tasks of property management and cleaning, in addition to more fun stuff such as advertising and marketing. This has been a boon for companies like Rentmate and Kamernet, which are able to expand into new countries such as Spain and Germany.

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