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hopin streamyard 250 wilhelm techcrunch

Hopin StreamYard 250 Wilhelm TechCrunch is one of the hottest new companies on the tech circuit. It offers a wide variety of services to consumers, including mobile apps, cloud computing and hardware. In addition, it has just launched a podcast. If you are a fan of podcasts, you will want to check them out!

Hopin StreamYard 250 Wilhelm TechCrunch

StreamYard is a live video streaming studio that allows anyone to create and host branded broadcasts. The company has more than 3.5 million users and serves more than 100,000 paying customers. It is based in Tualatin, Oregon.

  • StreamYard Technical Background

StreamYard is built to enable everyone to stream and produce professional quality content, regardless of their technical background. The platform powers millions of broadcasts each month. With StreamYard, creators can brand their live events, simulcast to YouTube and Facebook, and add call-to-action interactions. They can also invite up to ten guests to their shows.

  • StreamYard Launched

Founded in 2018, StreamYard launched with the intention of making it simple for any content creator to live stream their work. Founders Dan Briggs and Geige Vandentop created a software solution that can be used by individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. During its early years, StreamYard relied on feedback from its users to develop its powerful tools. Now, the company has grown to power tens of millions of broadcasts every year.

  • Virtual Event Industry

StreamYard has become a staple in the virtual event industry. Many virtual event platforms do not offer live streaming, and StreamYard has been a great alternative. StreamYard can be used in any web browser and can be hosted on a variety of social media channels. StreamYard also offers powerful call-to-action tools that allow viewers to submit comments and ask questions. StreamYard has a diverse user base, ranging from social media influencers to big corporations.

  • Hopin Announcement:

Hopin has announced that it has acquired StreamYard, a live video streaming company. StreamYard will join the Hopin product line and will continue to provide its services to its existing customer base. As part of the deal, Hopin paid a total of $250 million in cash and stock.

Xu Shi 

StreamYard, the streaming media juggernaut, has snagged Hopin in a deal that could have been a lot more fraught. Although the two companies have yet to sign the paperwork, there are no doubt many execs and geeks scurrying around.

 The big question is, will StreamYard continue to be the premier content delivery solution for the Hopin brand? 

Regardless, the acquisition will give Hopin’s burgeoning user base access to a top-of-the-line streaming solution. With a new set of partners, the company will soon be able to deliver on the promise of a truly ubiquitous experience.

For a company that sprang up just nine months ago, this is quite an accomplishment. It is also a harbinger of good things to come. Despite the recent spate of layoffs, the company is still on track to reach $100 million in annual revenue in 2018. StreamYard, as of this writing, has over 100,000 paying customers, a figure that is only expected to increase over the coming months.

Zai Mei You Wai Bu Zi Ben

StreamYard, a company that makes digital video tools, has been acquired by Hopin, a technology platform that provides digital events. In a deal similar to Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp, Hopin will pay a 10% stake of its current value for StreamYard. The company will retain its brand and in-market product.

Boufarhat said Hopin is now focused on building a multi-product lineup that focuses on customer feedback. He noted that StreamYard will remain in the Hopin family of products and will continue to host weekly live streams. With a market cap of $8 million, the company has been growing at a rapid pace. After just nine months of operation, Hopin has grown its annual recurring revenue (ARR) to $20 million.


Hopin, an online events platform that provides advanced video production features for event organizers, recently announced its acquisition of live video streaming startup StreamYard.

With this acquisition, Hopin will be able to accelerate the company’s sales and marketing efforts. Furthermore, the platform will be able to better integrate StreamYard’s streaming solutions into its marquee product.

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