Fishbrain 12m 31m consensus asset softbank

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fishbrain 12m 31m consensus asset softbank

Fishbrain 12m 31m consensus asset softbank When it comes to investing, it is always important to know which companies to trust. It is also helpful to know which ones have made good progress. For instance, have they started to expand? Are they hiring more employees? Do they have a solid business model? How much money have they invested?

Investments in fish brain 12m 31m consensus asset SoftBank

Fishbrain is the world’s leading mobile sport fishing app. It offers users the ability to connect with fishing communities and find the best fishing locations. The app is available for free on the App Store and Android.

The Fishbrain app

  • The Fishbrain app has over five million users and provides tide and weather information. Users can also post photos and watch pro ambassador tips. The app features a marine map, catch and release, and species recognition.
  • In 2016, Americans took 855 million total fishing trips. Sport fishing is popular among young people, Hispanics, and women. Sports fishing has a $200 billion retail market worldwide.
  • Using data from millions of catches, Fishbrain has incredible promise. They want to build a digital platform for sport fishing, one that values responsible harvesting and tracking of rare and endangered species.

Received Amount of Funding

  1. The app was launched in 2011 and has already received a substantial amount of funding. This time, investors have come together to fund the app, raising an additional $31 million. Some of the investors include B Capital Group, Consensus Smbolagsfond, SoftBank Ventures Asia, and Industrifonden.
  1. With the new funding, Fishbrain will be able to expand its user base, hire more employees, and increase marketing and sales efforts. This will allow the company to gain a larger audience in Sweden and Norway. Moreover, they will be able to add more features to the app.
  1. Currently, the company has 150 employees around the world. It has also made partnerships with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Florida Wildlife Commission.
  1. With the additional funding, Fishbrain will be able to make a global fishing network. The company plans to double its staff, which includes product managers, marketing experts, and engineers.

New employees to be hired in Europe and the USA

Fishbrain is a Swedish app that is a social networking juggernaut. It connects millions of users and has a slew of interesting features. The latest round of funding is on its way and will help it swell its ranks.

  1. Updating marketing team

Although the company already has 150 employees worldwide, the latest funding round will go a long way towards recruiting and improving its engineering and marketing ops. Among other things, the company plans to expand its presence in Norway and Sweden. A new product manager will be named, and a marketing team will be in place to drive that all-important buzz.

  1. Community of Fishermen

The best part is, it’s free! You can download it from the App Store and start enjoying the benefits of social media. For starters, it provides you with a marine map, tide patterns and fishing reports. As a bonus, it also connects you to a community of fishermen.

  1. High-Profile Companies

With $31 million in investment from a handful of high-profile companies, the Fishbrain app is on its way to becoming the mobile platform of choice for anglers of all stripes. Among the investors in this round are Consensus Smabolag, B Capital Group, and SoftBank Ventures Korea. Other notable participants included family offices and institutional investors.

  1. Significant Milestone

This is a significant milestone for the company and will allow it to scale its operations and hire the talent necessary to make it a major player in the digital fishing industry. While the company is certainly a young sexier, it has already established itself as the leader of its ilk. Earlier this year, it announced a significant round of funding from a number of institutions.

  1. Recent Round of Financing

Although the company’s most recent round of financing is a welcome boost, it’s no secret that the company needs more help to get where it wants to be. It’s no doubt that this kind of funding will allow Fishbrain to bolster its engineering and marketing ops, and a larger workforce is just the ticket to keep the ball rolling.

Expanding to Norway and Sweden

Fishbrain is a digital marketplace that provides tools to succeed in the sport fishing industry. The app has been developed to help fishermen improve their technique and access fishing gear and reviews.

Fishbrain is based in Stockholm, Sweden. In addition to providing fishing gear and reviews, the app offers tide patterns, marine mapping, bait recommendations, and more.

  1. Aspira Investment

Aspira Investment, SoftBank Ventures Asia, Consensus Smabolagsfond, and B Capital Group participated in Fishbrain’s recent funding round. The investment will allow the company to expand its reach in Europe and Norway. It will also strengthen the company’s an engineering and marketing departments.

  1. Strong Commitment
  • Although the Nordic countries have a combined population of less than 27 million, they possess some of the best-quality markets in the world. While the economies of Scandinavia are dominated by large banks and corporations, there is a strong commitment to private ownership. This creates a level playing field for minorities.
  • Compared to other countries, the Nordics have relatively low public debt. Their stock markets are also relatively safe. But there are inefficiencies. Currency volatility is one of the key issues that can affect the shares.
  • Sweden’s economy is strong. The country’s public debt dropped to 37% of GDP in 2010, after it had climbed as high as 70% in 1993.
  • Denmark’s GDP per capita is $56,120, while Finland’s is $58,635. The Scandinavian economies share the equal wealth and economic strength, making them a reliable market for shorter-term traders.
  • Norway, however, has a smaller population. Yet its per capita GDP is higher than Sweden’s. Nevertheless, the country is regularly praised as an economic super-model.

Despite its rich heritage and cultural diversity, Scandinavia is an ideal market for a company looking to gain a foothold. Even though the Nordic economies remain largely unequal, the labour market has helped to create a degree of equality in wages and productivity.

Machine learning-based model

Adrigo Asset Management, a Swedish investment firm, is one of the key investors in the social networking app Fishbrain. The firm invested $31 million in the company. This investment will help expand the company’s customer base. Moreover, it will allow the company to strengthen its sales and marketing departments. In addition, the firm has launched a new feature in its app to enhance its users’ visibility.

  • Fishing equipment company

The company has also recently partnered with Aspira, a fishing equipment company. Together, they are aiming to improve the way fishermen navigate the world’s waters. To further enhance its user experience, the company has also launched a new feature, called Navionics, which will provide cutting-edge cartographic intelligence. Using Navionics, users can access depth contour labels, map options, spot prediction, and other features.

  • In addition to its innovative navigational features, Fishbrain also provides its users with useful information about fish. Users can get tide patterns, weather conditions, and reviews of different fish species. Furthermore, they can create and join groups, based on their interests. Lastly, they can access a database of more than 13 million fishing spots.
  • Earlier this year, the company announced it had secured a hefty round of funding. The round included investors such as Softbank Ventures Asia, B Capital Group, and institutional investors. These funds will help the company further its expansion in Sweden and Norway. It will also help Fishbrain hire more employees in Europe and the United States.
  • Currently, the company has 150 employees across the globe. The app currently has 12 million users. The company is looking to hire more product managers and engineers to continue its growth. They also plan to add more features for new and existing users.
Goals in fishbrain

Fishbrain, the leading sport fishing app, has just secured $31 million in funding from investors all around the globe. This is a major milestone for the company as it will enable it to expand its outreach and user base. It will also help the company strengthen its marketing and sales teams.

Offers a Variety Of Information

  1. The Fishbrain app is an app for fishermen that offers a wide variety of information and features. Its primary goal is to educate its users on the techniques of fishing. For example, the app provides users with marine mapping, tide patterns, fish species recognition, and bait recommendations. All of these features are aimed at making fishing more accessible.
  1. In addition to providing information on the fish, the app helps its users find pinned fishing locations, catch and release regulations, and other related details. Since its launch in 2016, the app has gathered over 12 million users and has been rated as one of the hottest startups in Europe.
  1. Fishbrain is based in Stockholm, Sweden. The company is aiming to reach a wider audience in Sweden, Norway, and the USA. To do this, the app will be expanded with new features for both existing and new users. They will be able to connect with other fishermen in the app and join groups to learn more about the different aspects of fishing.
  1. The app is free to download on the App Store. It currently has 12 million users and is being developed to become a global fishing network. With this amount of funding, the company hopes to hire more employees and grow its operations.

Its current investors include SoftBank Ventures Asia, Consensus Smbolagsfond, and B Capital Group. These investments will help the company improve its product and marketing, strengthen its engineering and sales teams, and scale its user base.


Fishbrain is a social networking app that helps sports fishermen find the best fishing spots. The app provides users with tide patterns, marine mapping, weather information, and bait recommendations. It also enables users to join groups and share their favourite fishing spots.

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