Chinese Ai Series Meituan Liao Advantages in Techcrunch 

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chinese ai series meituan liao techcrunch

Chinese Ai Series Meituan Liao If you are looking for an AI-based chatbot, you may be interested in a new Chinese chatbot from a company called Flexiva. The company is developing an AI-based system that can handle a variety of tasks. This system is designed to interact with people through an online interface, and it may even be used for food delivery. Aside from being able to answer questions, the bot is flexible enough to adapt to changes in the environment.

Adaptive robots can operate in an environment of complications

Adaptive robotics refers to techniques for the design and development of autonomous robots that require little or no human intervention. The field has made tremendous Recent There has been progressed. Despite this, there are still significant challenges to overcome. In this article, we present a new control strategy that takes advantage of a broad learning system. This approach explicitly addresses the problem of selecting NN units. It also incorporates simulation and ground truth state information to improve learning.

  • Usage of Adaptive robotics

Adaptive robotics can be used in various applications and industries. One such application is in construction. In this sector, ageing infrastructures and socio-economic issues are a major concern. Other important issues include natural disasters and the ageing population. Adaptive robots can be a great tool to help solve these problems. Adaptive systems integrate computer vision, force control, and AI technologies, which enable them to work in a variety of environments. A good example is the Flexiv robotics system, which is designed to perform in multiple industries.

  • Adaptive robots face 

Bullet Points

  1.  Locomotion and dynamic manipulation are key challenges that adaptive robots face.
  2. These are problems that require a novel adaptive forced-based control framework.
  3. This strategy can rapidly compensate for the changes that the robot is experiencing in its environment. 
  4. Another important component is a contact model. Without a proper contact model, the robot is unable to interact with its environment in an effective way. 

Additionally, the contact model is essential for the generation of spatially coordinated trajectories.

  • Multi-Scale Development system

The development of a multi-scale organisation that combines lower-level skills is another issue that needs to be addressed. In addition to developing a multi-level organization, it is important to develop a wide range of behaviours that can be used in different situations. Ultimately, this research should focus on ways to expand the range of a robot’s behavioural repertoire and reuse the same behaviour in a variety of different environments.

Flexiva ai Chinese Ai Series Meituan Liao Advantages in Techcrunch 

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) programmed to answer queries and provide assistance. An AI chatbot has the ability to make the online shopping experience easier and more efficient. The best ones are designed to incorporate artificial intelligence to improve the customer experience. In addition to artificial intelligence, a chatbot can be enhanced with features such as natural language processing and machine learning. This allows the bot to learn and grow over time. With the right technology in place, a chatbot can become a significant contributor to a business’s success.

  • Improve Marketing Efforts

The most important part of any chatbot is to train it correctly. A good chatbot can be deployed across a wide range of messaging apps and platforms. Developing an intelligent AI bot that is capable of answering questions quickly is an essential task for any online business. Whether you are looking to increase customer engagement, improve your marketing efforts, or simply reduce your cost of customer service, an AI chatbot is an invaluable tool.

Lack of resources and talent in China’s AI industry

The South China Morning Post recently reported that the artificial intelligence subsector in China has a talent shortage. This lack of resources and talent will hinder China’s AI industry in the future.

  1. Planning for the future

With its ambitious “three in one” plan, China plans to build an innovation base that will attract the world’s top talent, promote international collaboration, and create a first-mover advantage in the field. But how will China shape its AI ecosystem?

While Chinese AI has advanced in recent years, there are still major hurdles to overcome. In fact, the industry is facing an inflexion point.

With the rise of automation, all tasks will become cheaper and more efficient. However, the potential financial bubble could slow the AI sector’s growth.

  1.  China’s AI development

During the early stages of China’s AI development, serious challenges arose due to a need for more resources. As the industry has matured, China has benefitted from access to global markets and international collaboration. However, it is disadvantaged in critical components and core algorithms.

Despite these challenges, China plans to advance in the development of its AI industry. It intends to become a leading global innovation centre by 2030.

  1. Goal Achievement Plan

To accomplish this goal, the government has proposed a comprehensive AI policy framework. It will encourage international collaboration and venture capital investments, as well as domestic and overseas mergers and acquisitions. And it will build a national development fund for AI.

  1. China’s AI strategy

There are many factors that influence the success or failure of China’s AI strategy. Ultimately, leadership is essential. Whether China can achieve its ambitious AI agenda depends on the willingness of the United States.

  1. AI Importance

While China’s government is recognizing the importance of AI, the country still has considerable gaps in key areas compared to more developed countries. For instance, its lack of homegrown talent is a major obstacle to its AI development.

Government Policy

However, the government also wants to make sure that the country’s intellectual property is integral to the country’s AI advancement. That is why the China AI plan aims to cultivate high-end talent, open data, and open-source platforms.


Flexiv Chinese AI Series Meituan Liao Techcrunch is one of the best-known robotics companies in China. It manufactures intelligent robots to meet the needs of multiple industries in the country.

Besides manufacturing, the company also provides software for its customers. This includes after-sale customer care services, allowing customers to have an all-in-one package for new-age technology.

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