A Look at the Flexiv AI Series Meituan Liao Techcrunch

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flexiv ai series meituan liao techcrunch

Flexiv AI Series Meituan Liao Techcrunch If you’re interested in purchasing robot arms or other robotic devices, you may want to consider some of the options available on the market. Fortunately, you’re in luck as the flexiv AI series offers some great options for the upcoming holiday season.

Rizon Developing Artificial Intelligence

Flexiv, a robotics company, is developing artificial intelligence-powered robots. This technology is gaining traction in China’s new robotics market. The company has partnerships with several large manufacturing firms in China and the United States. Ultimately, it aims to expand its network to include more cities.

Flexiv’s robotics team is made up of scientists from research institutes. These engineers have been conducting proof-of-concept trials with leading manufacturing companies in the world. They are also developing a big data analysis system to help businesses make better decisions.

  1. Robotic Operating Systems

As a part of its robotic operating systems, the company has developed the Rizon adaptive robot. It features a proprietary force- and torque-sensing technology. Additionally, it uses a fast-response force-control technology and multi-contact force control.

  1. Customer Preferences

Currently, the company has more than a hundred robots in the market. One of the robots is designed specifically for food preparation. Another is a beverage robot. Using artificial intelligence, these robots are able to select dishes according to customer preferences.

  1. Latest Robots

The company has recently shown off its latest robot, Rizon at the 22nd China Industrial Industry Fair. This robotic model has seven degrees of freedom and can perform tasks reliably in weak conditions. With artificial intelligence software, it can also complete tasks with high precision.

  1. Robotics Industry

Ultimately, Flexiv is looking to become a major player in the robotics industry. As such, it has raised more than $100 million in Series B funding. Since then, it has set up its own foundation. Currently, it has more than 50 companies in China and plans to expand to the U.S. and Europe in the future.

  1. Experts in the Field

According to experts in the field, this technology will change all industries. For instance, it will help to automate mill processes. In addition, it will help people in the industry to accomplish difficult tasks. Ultimately, it will allow for new job creation.

  1. Internet Industry

Flexiv has offices in China, Taiwan, and Singapore. Some of its customers are in the internet industry, the automotive industry, and the automotive parts industry. However, it is most famous for its partnership with the Chinese Ai Series Meituan Liao Techcrunch.

RoboCube in Flexiv AI Series Meituan Liao Techcrunch

Flexiv Robotics is a robotic and software company. Their robots have adaptive brains that can understand new things. These robots can be used in many industries, including manufacturing and agriculture. They are capable of doing complicated tasks, which is beyond the capabilities of traditional industrial robots.

  • Flexiv Plannings

Flexiv plans to produce 100 robots in 2020. This will allow them to get into more markets and create jobs. It will also help the company to attract more talent. Currently, two-thirds of their employees are located in China.

The company has raised $100 million in funding from investors. This includes major investors such as Banyan Capital, ZhenFund, and Meituan. In addition, Flexiv plans to use this money to continue the development of AI-enabled robots.

Chinese Ai Series Benefits:

  1. Chinese Ai Series Meituan Liao Techcrunch has been testing the potential of robotics for years. Now, the company is ready to release a new Artificial Intelligence system that will revolutionize the way automation is done in the industrial automation, healthcare, and agriculture industries.
  2. Flexiv’s Chinese Ai Series Meituan Liao TechCrunch is the most popular partnership that the company has formed. It is already a partner of choice with some of the world’s largest factories in China. As the Chinese economy continues to grow, the need for adaptive robots is becoming more apparent.
  3. With over 1.3 billion people and over $6.5 trillion in consumption power, the Chinese market has tremendous potential for robotics. Flexiv is proving that companies in China are willing to invest in this technology.
  4. Since the inception of the company, Flexiv has quickly grown and has formed strategic partnerships with major Chinese manufacturers. Several hundred factories in China have already chosen to work with the company.
  5. Today, the company has offices in China and Silicon Valley. They are able to offer clients a range of services that include sanding, polishing, and connector plugging. Moreover, they offer after-sales services as well. Besides, they plan to develop AI-enabled general-purpose robots that can be applied to other areas.

Flexiv has been named a unicorn company in China, and it is the second company to receive such funding.

Robotic Arm Manufacturing Industries

Flexiv is a Chinese company that designs and manufactures adaptive robots. They are working on an AI-enabled robotic system for manufacturing industries. Its investors include Chinese on-demand services giant Meituan.

  • Flexiv’s First Offering

Flexiv’s first offering is a robotic arm named Rizon. Flexiv AI Series Meituan Liao The arm is equipped with artificial intelligence, machine learning and video surveillance. In addition, the robot also has the ability to travel over any terrain. As a result, it can perform assembly-related operations safely and efficiently.

In late 2019, Flexiv raised more than $22 million to develop its AI-based robots. This funding will enable the company to scale up production. Eventually, it plans to use the money to market the robots.

  • Learning New Movements

According to Flexiv AI series, Rizon can adapt to different environments and complete tasks consistently. The robotic arm is also capable of learning new movements on its own. Unlike traditional robots, it has the ability to interact with humans.

  • New Artificial Intelligence

Flexiv plans to develop new artificial intelligence-based robots in other industries. These robots will make use of AI-based decision-making power to carry out tasks. For example, simple tasks such as washing dishes require AI-based recognition and decision-making power.

  • Increase Production Growth

Robots are increasingly in demand in the manufacturing industry. They can help increase productivity and save factory bosses money. Many companies are looking to add robotics to their production lines to increase production growth.

Since its inception, Flexiv has grown rapidly. Currently, the company has offices in China and Silicon Valley, California. Moreover, it has already formed strategic partnerships with major Chinese companies.

  • Future of Robotics

According to experts, the future of robotics is bright. Companies are coming up with new projects to meet the increasing demand. By automating the supply chains and adding AI-based decision-making power to products, companies will be able to reach new markets and create new jobs. With the help of its AI-driven general-purpose robots, Flexiv will be able to automate food delivery businesses.

  • Software Licensing

Flexiv AI Series Meituan Liao Despite its recent success, Flexiv still has plenty of work to do. It plans to generate additional revenue through software licensing and after-sales services. To achieve this, the company needs to continue its development.

Other products in Robotics Company

Flexiv AI Series Meituan Liao Founded in 2016, Flexiv is a robotics company that specializes in adaptive robots for industrial environments. It has a team of engineers and scientists from research institutes around the world. Their primary focus is to develop adaptive robots for manufacturing industries.

  1. Major Chinese Companies

The startup has already been working with a number of major Chinese companies. They have created strategic partnerships with over 50 manufacturing companies in China. This allows them to test their technology in a variety of different fields. In fact, they have already sent 100 units to customers in the country.

  1. AI-based General-Purpose Robots

In the future, Flexiv plans to implement AI-based general-purpose robots in various industries. The company has received $100 million in funding from investors in its Series B round. These funds are used to help the company implement its new products and services. Moreover, they aim to monetize their licensing software and services.

  1. Award-Winning Company

Flexiv has been able to generate more than one hundred technical patents and has a strong customer base. Besides, it is also an award-winning company. Its newest robotic product, the Flexiv Robot Arm, has been designed to perform welding and painting tasks. As a result, it is available in international markets.

  1. User-Friendly Visual Design

Flexiv’s robotics hardware and software solutions are designed to make complicated work easy. Aside from that, they feature a user-friendly visual design. They are also equipped with cutting-edge algorithms and embedded semi-autonomous programming modules.

Besides, the company also has partnerships with over 300 robotic manufacturers in the US. For example, it has created a custom-made robot for the restaurant industry. This robot is equipped with a powerful AI algorithm that enables it to identify the needs of customers and select dishes accordingly.

  1. China’s Robotics Service Company

Lastly, the company has received investment from China’s robotics service company, Meituan. With this partnership, the company will be able to better provide its clients with food delivery solutions. Additionally, the robot will be able to cook and select the dishes based on the preferences of its customers.

  1. Strong Customer Base

Flexiv Ai series Although the company has been in business for a short time, it has already gained a good reputation amongst stakeholders and has a strong customer base. It is already working on integrating its robots into various industries, and the $100 million Series B funding is just a start.


Flexiv Robotics is a Chinese robotics company that has recently secured over $100 million in funding. This new investment helps the company expand its robotic technology.

Flexiv is a company that specializes in adaptive robots for manufacturing industries. They also have offices in China and Silicon Valley. It has already completed the development of its first robot, Rizon. The team of scientists who work at Flexiv is focused on creating an AI-enabled robotic system for the manufacturing industry.

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