A Guide to Send Money to Pakistan From the UK

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For those living in the UK and who want to send money to Pakistan from the UK, there are a few options available. However, before you make a choice, you need to be aware of the risks involved. These include overcharging, fraudulent transactions and a lack of customer service. You will also need to consider the costs and time involved.


Using a transfer service to send money to Pakistan from the UK is a great way to increase the value of the British Pounds you send. However, it can be tricky to decide which one to use. Here are some things you need to consider.

Several ways to send money

There are several ways to send money to Pakistan from the UK, including using your bank account, a specialist transfer service or a remittance startup. Some of these methods may be faster and cheaper than others. However, they all require that you register an account with the provider. This ensures that you keep your money safe and secure.

 Online banking service

You can also send money online using your bank’s online banking service. Bank transfers are often faster and cheaper than other methods. However, these options can be slower than transferring money using a specialist service.

UK-based money transfer service

Wise is a UK-based money transfer service that offers more than 750 currency routes around the world. Using their technology, you can transfer money overseas using a small upfront fee.

Wise money transfer services

Wise has an impressive five-star rating on Trustpilot. In addition to the money transfer services it offers, Wise also has a mobile application.

The transfer services offered by Wise may not be as fast as using your bank. However, they do provide slick customer service. Wise has offices in several cities around the world.

Send Money to Pakistan From the UK Using Skrill for sending money is the most cost-effective way

Using Skrill is one of the most cost-effective ways to send money to Pakistan. It offers fast international money transfers and versatile pay-in options. But there are a few factors to consider before signing up for a Skrill account.

Before you start using Skrill

Before you start using Skrill, you need to confirm your identity. You can do this by providing your name, address, and valid ID. You’ll also need to verify your bank account and debit or credit card.

Open a Skrill account

When you open a Skrill account, you’ll need to pay a deposit of 2.50%. You’ll also need to provide your national ID and details of your business partners. You may also need to provide proof of your registered company address.

Confirm your account

After you confirm your account, you’ll be able to use Skrill to send money abroad. You can use Skrill to send money to more than 40 countries. You can also use Skrill to send money to an international bank account. However, you’ll have to pay a margin on currency exchange rates. These fees add up to the cost of every transfer.

Use Skrill to send money

You can use Skrill to send money to Pakistan via debit or credit card. Skrill also offers a mobile wallet. This is particularly useful for smaller transfers.

Using Remitly for sending money

Using Remitly for sending money to Pakistan from the UK is a great way to avoid hassles associated with other money transfer services. This service is fast, secure and can be used with bank accounts, debit or credit cards. It is also convenient because you can track every step of the process from start to finish.

Using a specialist service

The main cost associated with sending money abroad is the transfer fee. This can vary greatly from one service to the next. If you are using a specialist service, they can offer better exchange rates and lower fees. Some companies may even offer exclusive promotions that can increase the amount of money you send to Pakistan.

International Money Transfer” services

The most basic method of sending money overseas is through your bank. This can be done through your bank’s online service or via a mobile wallet. Most banks offer “International Money Transfer” services. This is a service that allows you to transfer money from your UK bank account to a nominated account in Pakistan. It is usually the fastest method of delivery.

Alternatively, you can use an international payment specialist. These services will offer better exchange rates, cheaper fees, and faster transfer. They may also offer ongoing promotions that can help you save money on every transfer.

Using a World Remittance Service

Using a remittance service to send money to Pakistan from the UK is a great way to make sure your money reaches your recipient on time. However, there are many options available and it can be hard to decide which service to use. If you are new to remittance services, the best place to start is with a top-rated provider.

Using a credit card or a bank transfer.

The most common method for sending money to Pakistan from the UK is by using a credit card or a bank transfer. Depending on your needs, you can choose between a quick and secure online platform like WorldRemit or a reputable online payment service like Wise. You’ll need to choose your method of payment carefully, however, because you may be charged additional fees for using a credit card or SWIFT network.

WorldRemit offers ultra-competitive rates

WorldRemit offers ultra-competitive rates for wire transfers and bank transfers. The service is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK. It uses Norton-certified technology to safeguard your information and accounts.

 fast way to transfer money

Wise offers a secure, fast way to transfer money from the UK to Pakistan. Using Wise’s comparison tool, you can compare currency exchange rates, and compare the fees for a variety of providers. It also offers a money-back guarantee.


Founded in 2012, Azimo is a money transfer service. It is available to users in over 150 countries and provides fast transfers with low fees. It is easy to use and has an app for both Android and iOS users.

 UK Financial Conduct Authority

Azimo is regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. It is a good choice for anyone looking to send money to Pakistan. The service is easy to use and has a good reputation.

Azimo is registered with Visa and Mastercard. It offers a 100% money-back guarantee. They use encrypted communication and updated technology to detect fraud. Azimo holds customer funds in segregated client accounts. They make money by charging a transfer fee and a margin on the exchange rate. The company has a strong grip on remittance corridors in Africa.

Cash pick-up services

Azimo has partnered with UBA, Zenith, Diamond Bank, and Mpesa to offer cash pick-up services. The company supports over 300,000 secure cash pick-up locations worldwide.

Azimo also offers instant mobile wallet transfers. To get started with Azimo, you will need to create an account. You can then add a recipient, choose a country, and add a payment method. You can also check the status of a transfer through the Azimo app.

Bank and international wire transfers

  1. Depending on your specific transfer needs, there are several options available for sending money from the United States to Pakistan. While most people choose to use a bank transfer, many other companies offer competitive rates.
  2. OFX is one of the most popular choices for sending money to Pakistan. It offers competitive rates and a secure transfer process. It is also one of the oldest money transfer companies.
  3. MoneyGram is another popular choice for sending money to Pakistan. They have more than 5,000 agent locations in Pakistan, which allows you to pick up your money and deposit it into a major bank account. They also offer an online MoneyGram app that makes it even easier to send money.
  4. Remitly is another popular choice. They offer several options for receiving money in Pakistan, including money pick-up locations, mobile wallets, and a money-back guarantee. They also accept debit and credit cards and have no minimum transfer amount.
  5. Xoom is owned by Paypal and offers a convenient way to send money to Pakistan. They also offer an online price calculator, which will show you how much you’ll pay for a transfer. They also accept a variety of payment methods, including debit and credit cards, as well as Paysafe Cash.

Cross-border currency transfers

Whether you’re an investor, an entrepreneur, or just want to send money to Pakistan from the UK, there are several ways to do it. But before you do anything, you should consider the costs, timing, and the recipient’s preferences. These tips can help you choose the best option for your needs.

Provider of money transfers

The first step is to open an account with a money transfer provider. These companies will give you better exchange rates, and lower fees. They may also offer ongoing promotions and discounts. If you’re sending a large amount, you can even receive free transfers to Pakistan.

Remittance startup

You can use a bank, remittance startup, or international payment specialist to send money to Pakistan. Each provider has its unique speed and features. Some companies offer fast transfer speeds, while others may have longer delivery times. You may also find that you have to pay additional fees if you use a credit card, or if you pay in cash.

Prudential Regulation Authority

Money transfer services are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and some may be also regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority. This is to protect customers from financial institutions that fail.


When transferring money to Pakistan from the UK, it is important to compare the exchange rates, transfer speeds, and fees. You should also find out the best cancellation policy.


Whether you’re sending money from Dubai to the UK or sending money from the UK to Dubai, you need to choose a service that will get your money to your recipient fast. You also want to make sure that you get the best exchange rate.

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